Crank Forward Bikes

Why Ride PHOENIX BIKE WRX Crank Forward Bikes?

Comfort and speed combine in these exciting designs to make cycling fun and long term.  Here is why a Crank Forward is a fine option for cycling.


Our seat is different!  The design comes from our recumbent seat.  Even the cushion is special, designed to allow the rider support and grip, to feel attached to the bike.  The seat actually dictated the frame geometry. The above sentences are talking about the CF1/CF2 seat. They are original to the design.  In 2020 a new seat was purchased and studied to see about the ability to modify it to the unique design of the crank forward bikes. It is the Cloud nine saddle. Yes, in fact it works well! Other attributes of the seat are tilt and height adjustment, using quick release levers, so it is easy to dial in the fit.  A large diameter seat post projects from the frame at a special angle.  When easily adjusted up and down the length also changes.  A scale numbered in inseam measurement is laser etched into the seat post to mark your “setting”.  A groove in the seat post is keyed to the clamp, and prevents rotation.  It is simple to adjust since it is always lined up square.  Many ask, but our seat won’t work on a typical bike due to the more laid back angle of the riding position.  This change to conventional bike frame geometry results in the CF advantages.


The dramatically slanted seat tube is crucial to the design, allowing the unique feature of fitting many, and still reaching the ground flat-footed.  There are three different slants of Crank Forward:

  • Fusion Series

  • Dynamik Series

  • Alterra Series


Because of the dramatically slanted seat tube, the frame grows in length as the seat is raised. This is a win-win feature because owners can share the bike among many-sized riders. Our bikes fit most people 5′ to 6’4″.


You simply set the height and tilt, and ride! No learning curve is prominent since the handling and balance is conventional. In fact, the handling is more than likely to impress as it is easier. The lower center of gravity and flat-footed stance contribute to the fine riding qualities.


The first ride on a CF will instantly reveal the power stroke. Moving the crank forward creates an automatic dig in effect when pulling on the bars. In fact, you can apply more than your own weight to the pedals, making standing-to-climb optional. To get the best effect the handlebars need to be adjusted to just 1″ or 2″ above the highest point of the knee.


Efficient design was intended, and why not? Bikes that are efficient are more fun to ride. We call it ‘zoom factor’ and all our CF bikes have ample amounts.


With the seat in the proper position, the rider can stay seated and reach the ground with both feet. It also brings a great safety aspect to the bike in way of a lower center of gravity. The low stance offers a secure feeling, inspiring confidence.


The number of riders who suffer from numb palms is astonishing. For the sake of less wind resistance conventional bikes place too much weight on the arms and hands. The laid back seat post design places the upper body more vertical, thus removing the pressure.


With the torso more erect, the back and neck are not stressed, and the spine is in a better position for absorbing road shock. Some CF riders have reported improvement and even elimination of chronic pain.