All about the Citi.....

by Kara Nichols (with choice comments by the designer of the crank forward (CF) geometry, Randy Schlitter)

“The Citi is a simple red bike very reminiscent of my Western Flyer. Its fat tires are a little harder to push around, but the ride is cushy, and is so incredibly sure-footed. It is fun to hear the tires patter over bricks and the soft bounce when dropping off curbs. The red color is important, almost iconic, (has not everyone had a red bike?) and can recall wonderful summer days tooling about. Like so many on this forum who have said they feel like a kid again, I too, know this feeling every ride on the Citi.” -RJS

I will agree with Randy (about the feel of the ride) on the Citi. The bike I usually ride in warm weather is the Zenetik. However, when I hop on the Citi, it creates a whole “nother” experience. Those wide tires….it gives the bike a cushy feel. One can ride all day and ride happy. Who would want to pass up that opportunity?! The Citi took me down over 170 miles of the Katy trail in Missouri. The trail was damp with the fall leaves making a brown and yellow carpet to follow. It rode comfortably over the twigs in the path and around the potholes. Randy mentioned the red iconic color of the bike and yes, it is a timeless color - a beautiful metallic red color. We also have a few other choices: Dunbar Teal and a silver color. These are also very beautiful!

The elegant curved top tube on the Citi gives it a city cruising flair. The swept back handlebar adds a little more to the perfect beach-cruising or city-riding look and feel. This bicycle is not like other conventional bicycles. (Think lower back ache, numb hands, sore rump!) With the Citi one can see, just by looking at the frame geometry, that one is going to be riding very comfortably on this bicycle! After first-time riders get on a CF, the look on their faces and their testimony to the geometry is exhilarating to see and hear! This in theory is what makes the bike so comfortable. The seat, however, is perhaps the ‘cherry-on-top' feature that makes the Citi such a joy to ride!

Following are some of the best-selling features of the Citi:

The Seat

The Cloud Nine seat is a conventional seat that converts very well to the seat post diameter and the seat angle of the CF bike. We feel it enhances the riding comfort, making the experience even better! Other non-standard attributes of the seat are tilt and height adjustment. Both are through quick release levers, so it is easy to dial in the fit. The seat tube is large in diameter because of the low angle it projects off the frame. There is a key on the seat clamp, and a groove is machined into the seat post. This ‘key and groove’ keep the seat from rotating and makes it simple to adjust since it is always lined up level.

Flat Footed Stance

With the seat in the proper position the rider can stay seated and reach the ground with both feet. This has been a big winner with the ‘less tall’ crowd. It also brings a great safety aspect to the bike by way of a lower center of gravity. The low stance offers a secure feeling, inspiring confidence. This is crucial for those who have experienced mis-adventures while groping for the ground with tippy-toes.

Little to No Palm Pressure

The number of riders or would-be riders who suffer from numb palms is outstanding. Conventional bikes simply place too much weight on the arms and hands. The laid-back seat post design places the upper body more vertical, thus removing the pressure.

Relief from Neck and Back Pressure

Without the torso lying almost horizontal between bar and seat, the back and neck are now happy. For some this is the only option for riding.

Great Climbers

The first ride on a CF will instantly reveal the power stroke. With the crank forward it creates an automatic “dig in” effect when pulling on the bars. In fact, you can apply more than your own weight to the pedals, making standing to climb optional. To get the best effect the handlebars need to be adjusted to just 1” to 2” above the highest point.

No Front Derailleur

The Citi has no front derailleur post. It makes for a clean drive train set up with less adjustments. There are two options for the drive train set up. One is the GTRO Efneo crank set with the available choice of cassette on the rear and the other is a 1 x 11 drive train with a 36T on the front and a 11-42 cassette on the rear.

What can be stopping you from this most comfortable and rewarding crank-forward experience?  Contact us to reserve your Citi today!