Phoenix 700

"Our Hand Crafted award winning Flagship Model. The Gold Standard of Long Wheelbase Recumbents."

-The Phoenix 700 is one of the few production Long Wheelbase recumbent made in the USA. Each one is fine tuned to perfection.

-Was designed for comfort and efficiency.

-Retails for $4,800.00, complete bicycle.

-Retails for $3,940.00, Frame Set.

- Read about this bike's performance on a recent roadtrip. Cycleblaze

Phoenix 700 Order Form

Phoenix 700 (steel frame) featuring Rohloff rear hub, Dynamo front hub, steer stopper, rear rack, fenders, fairing, and Peter White Cycle lights.

-Delivers on the PROMISE.

-Is a pleasure to ride because even in the worst conditions it inspires confidence.

-The bars, stem and seat were all designed with ergonomic adjustment so that each person that owns one can be fit perfectly.

-Phoenix 700 Bicycle specifications here.


PHOENIX Showcase Frames

PHOENIX 700 Bentley Blue

PHOENIX 700 Illusion Orange

PHOENIX 700 Illusion Cherry

Phoenix 700 Dunbar Teal

PHOENIX BIKE WRX will continue to carry the fusion, Fusion ST, Cruz, Dynamik, Street, Citi, Sequoia, Phoenix 700, Xstream 700 XL, and the Screamer. You may find the Specs for the bicycles in the Library. When available for purchase, check out the options on this page. If it is not listed, we are currently building frames and it will be shown when available.

Phoenix 700

"Our hand crafted award winning Flagship Model. The Gold Standard of Long Wheelbase Recumbents."

Fusion ST

Our most crank forward bike out of the three geometries. Allows the rider a flat footed touch to the ground when in the saddle.


A bit more upright seat geometry from the Fusion ST. Allows the rider a flat footed touch to the ground when in the saddle.

Alterra 700 ST

The most upright seat geometry in the crank forward line. Does not allow the rider to touch flat footed to the ground when in the saddle.

Why the Crank Forward bikes are comfortable:

No more touching tip toes when sitting in the saddle!

The crank forward design allows the rider to sit in the saddle and touch flat footed on the ground.

Pedal Forward.

This is a great design! The pedal forward geometry adjusts the seat height for the proper leg length, keeping the rider in an upright position.

Thanks so much for the Cloud Seats. I have upgraded my three crank forward bikes with the new seats. I have ridden RANS Bikes for about 30 years and I have owned many models. I have especially admired the Crank Forward Idea but I always wished there was a better seat. You have nailed it. The seat is perfect.

Bill Conklin

I am 6'6" tall person and the Sequoia is the
best large framed bike I have ever owned. It is a great service in designing
and offering this bike to us taller than average persons in a world that is so
focused on making money on only the average size majority.

Michael De Bliek

I have been riding long wheel base recumbents since 2008 and find the Phoenix 700 to be the finest LWB bike ever built. Very high quality frame and the bike tracks down the road very well at all speeds. I have the entire family riding it now and want to acquire one additional one.

Dan Schukraft